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Blue Color Maspion UPVC Roof For Terrace Factory Canopy Material and Installation

Rp. 140,000
Last Updated
13 Mar 2023
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1 Meter

Specification of Blue Color Maspion UPVC Roof For Terrace Factory Canopy Material and Installation

Blue Maspion UPVC roof
UPVC roof is a type of roof that is suitable for the roof of all buildings ranging from house roofs, terraces, factory roofs, patios, canopy awnings, parking lots, farms, workshops, gazebos, pergolas, greenhouses and other buildings. Maspio's UPVC roof consists of three layers of material. The top layer is UV resistant, which is a layer that protects the Maspion UPVC roof from UV rays. Second is the corrugated Twinwall layer. The third is the corrosion resistant layer, which is a protective layer of the UPVC roof so that it does not experience corrosion. Maspion's UPVC roof is also made of 50% chlorine (salt) so it is not flammable or spreads fire, besides that Maspion's UPVC roof is acid-base and salt-resistant so it is suitable as a factory roof. Another advantage of Maspion's UPVC roof is that it is a durable, strong and sturdy material that absorbs heat.
Another feature of Maspion's UPVC roof;
• good resistance to chemicals
• Very strong and sturdy
• Soundproof
• not easy to fade
• does not spread fire, if it is burned it will extinguish itself
• friendly to the environment
Pisdanis Karya, known as a center for providing PVC ceilings, upvc roofs, vinyl, parquet, and others. In addition to materials, Pisdanis Karya also provides professional installation services.
For UPVC Roofs, Alderon and Maspion brands are available with two color choices. One of them;
Blue Maspion UPVC roof
Type: Asa and Non Hope
Brand: Maspion
Thickness: 10 mm
Overall width: 890 mm
Effective width: 835 mm35
Wave height: 42 mm
Distance between waves: 167 mm
Length: 1 meter - 12 meter

Price: Rp.140.000/M

For more detailed information, please contact us at tel/wa: 0838 9165 4559 /
0838 4731 3869
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