Wood Pattern Vinyl Flooring Brand Kang Bang KB Type 06 Rp 450rb Per Box

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21 Jun 2024
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Kang Bang Brand Vinyl Flooring Type KB 06

The use of vinyl flooring is common in Indonesia. This type of floor is suitable for floors of homes, offices, places of worship, educational facilities and others. This material is able to replace the role of wood as a floor coating that gives a beautiful and elegant impression. Vinyl brand Kang Bang is more in demand because the price is more affordable when compared to real wood. In addition, vinyl flooring has a variety of patterns, motifs and colors, so it can be adjusted to your taste.

Kang Bang brand vinyl flooring consists of five layers of material. The bottom layer is PE Foam, which is a layer of foam that provides a comfortable feeling on the feet when stepping on the floor. The second layer is the SPC core (limestone) layer which makes the Kang Bang brand vinyl strong and sturdy. The third layer is the color film, which is the layer that becomes the motif and color of the vinyl. The fourth layer is a protective layer that protects the vinyl to be scratch-resistant. The fifth layer is a UV layer which protects the vinyl from UV rays.

The advantage of the Kang Bang brand vinyl flooring is that it is designed to be durable, termite-resistant, scratch-resistant, and designed to be anti-slip to avoid slipping when you step on the floor.

Pisdanis Karya is known as a center for providing parquet and vinyl flooring from the Kendo and Kangbang brands. Apart from materials, we also provide professional installation services. For vinyl flooring we have many choices of motifs and colors, one of them;

Kang Bang brand vinyl flooring

Type: KB 06

Brand: Kang Bang

Width: 15.25 cm

Length: 91.5cm

Thickness: 2 mm and 3 mm

Installed Area: 4.88 m2

Price : IDR 450 thousand / Box (35 Pcs)

For more detailed information, please contact us at tel/wa: 0838 9165 4559 - 0838 4731 3869

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