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Wall Wallpaper For Living Room and Bedroom Davinci Brand Type DV315 Length 10 Meters x Width 53 Cm

Rp. 130,000
Last Updated
14 Mar 2023
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1 Roll

Specification of Wall Wallpaper For Living Room and Bedroom Davinci Brand Type DV315 Length 10 Meters x Width 53 Cm

Wallpaper Brand Davinci Type DV315
The use of wallpaper is one option to make the walls look more patterned and more beautiful. Wallpaper is commonly used for the walls of houses such as living rooms and rooms, also for the walls of hotels, apartments, offices, and others.

Pros of using wallpapers:
• the walls look more elegant and luxurious
• support the decoration of the room to make it look more beautiful
• many choices of motifs, colors, and patterns that can be selected according to the theme you want to display, or according to your taste
• cover cracked walls
• easy and time-saving installation
Pisdanis Karya is known as a center for providing the best quality wallpapers at low prices with a wide selection of motifs and colors to suit your taste. One of them is batik motif wallpaper and vertical lines with the following specifications;
* wallpaper with the Davinci brand
* batik motif with vertical lines
*embossed texture

Davinci brand wallpaper with batik motif type DV315 has 6 color choices:
• DV315-1 (beige color & gold batik)
• DV315-2 (white & black and gray batik)
• DV315-3 (gold color & gold batik)
• DV315-4 (blue & gold batik)
• DV315-5 (silver color & silver batik)
• DV315-6 (gold color & gold batik)
Length: 10 Meters per Roll
Width: 53cm
weight: 1.7 kg
Installed Area: 5.3 mm

Price: Rp. 130 Thousand / Roll

Special bonus: 1 free bottle of glue for purchase of 6 rolls of wallpaper
For more detailed information, please contact us at tel/wa: 0838 9165 4559 - 0838 4731 3869
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